Seeing: proverbs of an unseen world

with proverbs dvd included

By Alan Smith

Hardcover Gift Book

84 Pages

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Authors Note:

Is it possible to change our perceptions and see past the things that are visible- to make the unseen become seen? Is it possible to let go of the fears within us, and therefore open our eyes to a deeper level of seeing into why we were really created?

I invite all of you to take a little journey with me through these few parables: a journey on the unseen path of life. It will take discipline, perseverance, and courage from all of us to leave our current way of thinking and to walk into a greater world of revelation and insight. It will require us to let go of any inner hopelessness so that true hope in our lives can once again be realized. Come with me and let's allow our minds to be challenged and our visions to be ignited. It will be a walk of faith to learn how to see into an unseen world not seen by most.

Faith is such a profound canyon of the unseen. Do we dare jump to leave where we are in order to go to a place where we are destined to be? If we are living in a place of discouragement and abandonment, we must let courage rise up within us as we read these proverbs; and we will begin to see a part of this world that we have only longed for up to this point. Come on now- we can do this- come on this journey with me.

- Alan Smith

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