Author's Bio

Alan SmithAlan Smith is a full time dairy farmer and is president of Daddy Pete Farms in Stony Point, NC. He is a fourth generation farmer with over 45 years of experience in the farming industry; and he still owns and operates the family farm which has been in existence for over 100 years.


In addition to his work as a farmer, Alan is an inspirational teacher, speaker, and leader and he has worked with various groups and organizations, providing widsom and insight for a wide variety of life and business situations. Alan is passionate about teaching and leading individuals and teams to think beyond possible circumstances, both personally and corporately. He believes that the success we experience in any part of our lives mentally, physically, and spiritually is determined by our perceptions and how we face life each day. SEEING is a compilation of some of the perceptions Alan has learned in his own life and then fervently taught and shared with others for more than 35 years.


Alan is also president and founder of Stony Point Publishing. Click here to contact Alan.